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A Special Tribute to Aaron Bacher

by jroth on November 24, 2010


Aaron Bacher steps down after 8 1/2 Years as Chairman of “Man to Man” now “PCCN-Toronto”

Honours follow from Aaron’s friends and associates.

Below is the Full Presentation, 42 minutes long, which due to server restrictions, is Standard Definition.
Below that there is a High Definition (HD) version which is in 6 parts.
Full Version, 42 Minutes, Standard Definition

High Definition (HD) version in 6 parts
Winston Klass, Vice Chairman, PCCN-Toronto 12 minutes 21 seconds
Pearse Murray. Director, PCCN-Toronto 4 minutes 27 seconds
Helene Vassos and Steve Jones, Prostate Cancer Canada Under 7 minutes
Dr. Gerard Morton 3 minutes 39 seconds
Ron Benson, Chairman, PCCN-Toronto 4 minutes 41 seconds
Aaron Bacher, Immediate Past Chairman, PCCN-Toronto 8 minutes
Dr. Andrew Matthew, Staff Psychologist, Princess Margaret Hospital 2 minutes 50 seconds

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