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MRI and MRI-guided biopsies — a new Cochrane review

Cochrane reviews are structured, systematic, focused reviews of evidence in the field of medicine that either support or do not support specific forms of diagnosis and management of patients with or suspected of having particular disorders. A newly published Cochrane review by Drost et al. has addressed the topic of “Prostate MRI, with or without MRI‐targeted biopsy, and systematic biopsy for detecting prostate cancer“, and had just been published by the Cochrane Library.

Video: “Prostate Cancer Genetics: Where are we now?”

March 2019 Awareness Night Prostate Cancer Genetics: Where are we now? Justin Lorentz  MSc, CGC Cancer Genetic Counsellor Lead,Male Oncology Research and Education (MORE) Dept of Radiation Oncology, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre     CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation 41:24 minutes 

Can Frankenstein’s finger convince men to get tested for prostate cancer? New ad campaign hopes so

Prostate Cancer Canada is encouraging men to get tested for the potentially deadly disease with a bold campaign that references historical and fictional characters in the form of latex gloves – yes, those donned by doctors for the often dreaded digital rectal exam meant to detect the presence of tumours in the male sex gland. Read the article here.

Cancer immunotherapy: What’s on the horizon?

Cancer remains one of the world’s top healthcare challenges, but over the years our ability to treat the disease has dramatically improved. In fact, there is a sense that a new generation of therapies – and particularly those harnessing the power of the immune system – could dramatically extend expected survival and even effect long-term cures in patients. Read the article here.

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