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Focal Therapy

Treating prostate cancer with precision

April 9, 2017

The treatment, called focal needle ablation, makes use of a needle that can freeze (cryoablation) or use heat (radiofrequency ablation) to destroy cancer cells. Read the article here.

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Advances in Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer

February 7, 2016

This somewhat general article discusses various radiation options for prostate cancer, including: High Dose Rate brachytherapy – a form of focal therapy High fraction external beam radiotherapy Read the article.

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Low-Risk and Very-Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Is There a Role for Focal Therapy in the Era of Active Surveillance? Yes, the Two Approaches Complement Each Other

November 20, 2014

The challenge in prostate cancer (PCa) is to match the aggressiveness of the treatment to that of the cancer. Until recently, all screen-diagnosed localized cancers were considered at least potentially aggressive and in most cases were treated radically. Active surveillance represented a major step forward in acknowledging that some cancers were clinically insignificant and did […]

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Focal Prostate Cancer Therapy Safe, Feasible

September 23, 2014

Targeted focal therapy (TFT) in carefully selected patients is a feasible and practical option for treating low-risk prostate cancer (PCa) with minimal impact on quality of life, researchers concluded. Read the article.

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Focal Therapy: Magic Bullet or Unproven Treatment

May 27, 2014

Minimally invasive approach is promising for low-risk disease; outcomes data are lacking. Read the article.

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Focal Therapy – New pain-free treatment for prostate cancer? Not quite

October 13, 2013

If you or someone close to you has lived with prostate cancer, you’ve probably come across dozens of emerging treatments in your hours of Googling. One such treatment, focal therapy, has been dubbed the “new pain-free treatment for prostate cancer”. But don’t hold your breath; it’s still in its experimental phases. This is a warning […]

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Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer Advances

April 13, 2013

Laser ablation, cryotherapy, and hemiablative brachytherapy are among the novel approaches that show promise for the focal treatment of localized prostate cancer (PCa), according to studies presented at the 28th annual congress of the European Association of Urology. Most of these treatments are performed under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance. Read the article.

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Focal Therapy Offers Middle Ground for Some Prostate Cancer Patients

March 6, 2013

Men with low-risk prostate cancer who previously had to choose between aggressive treatment, with the potential for significant side effects, and active surveillance, with the risk of disease progression, may have a new option. Focal laser ablation uses precisely targeted heat, delivered through a small insertion and guided into the prostate by magnetic resonance imaging, […]

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VIDEO: Dr. Laurence Klotz, “Navigating treatment options for localized prostate cancer”

February 26, 2013

  January 2013 Scotiabank Awateness Night Dr.Laurence Klotz, MD, FRCSC Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto Chief, Division of Urology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Chair, Canadian Uro-Oncology Group and NCIC GU Site Group Editor in Chief (founding), Canadian Journal of Urology Chair, Global GU Oncology Group For localized prostate cancer, the choice of treatment […]

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Evolution of the Concept of Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

January 18, 2013

ABSTRACT: The landscape of prostate cancer has been rapidly evolving, and technological advances in imaging and biopsy tools offer novel approaches to focal therapy. In this dynamic environment, the role of focal therapy for prostate cancer is being shaped both by advances in technology and by reconsidering the epidemiological and outcomes data for available treatments. […]

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