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Quality of Life Group


We have started a support group for men and women with emotional issues related to prostate cancer.  It will focus on emotions, as opposed to the more medical issues dealt with at the regular peer support meetings.  It will meet four times yearly.  The group will meet in a room separate from our regular peer support meetings at the same time and location.

The meetings of this group are on Tuesdays at  7:00 PM at Valleyview Residence, 541 Finch Avenue West., (immediately east of North York General Hospital, Branson branch).  Female partners and caregivers are welcome at these meetings.

Dates for 2019 are: Mar. 19, June 18, Sept. 17 and Nov. 19.

Anyone who would like to benefit from the type of support that we provide may also contact us at PCCN-Toronto, via email or by calling our support line number – 416-932-8820.  As with all our meetings, there is no need to call ahead; just show up.